Feline Good
An adult shop brand & online store for curious cats
Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Strategy
Consumer Insight: People who are in the middle of a quarter-life crisis usually want to explore a new side of themselves.
Concept: A cute yet kinky adult shop so it feels approachable for the less experienced.
Our brand is called 'Feline Good' as a pun for 'feeling good' and our main inspiration for the entire brand: curious 'felines' aka cats. Our main products are called Clitz (toys for females), Cox (toys for males), and Lulus (lubricants).
With team: JM Balicano, Katie Chen

*DISCLAIMER: As this is student work, we do NOT own the product shots and images. These were scraped from across the internet to put together a prototype and to show the idea of our brand. However, all brand identity vector assets including the logo are original content by the team.